Wild For Wolverine

If there is one cartoon I have a mighty crush on, it has got to be Wolverine. And I know for a fact that I am not the only one who has a huge crush on him. Others just would not admit it because they would feel weird to have a crush on a cartoon, but deep down inside I am sure that they have got the hots for the ever elusive Wolverine. So why Wolverine? He is tough, he is rough and he is definitely bad-ass. Most women and gay men alike easily fall for the bad boy types. He is just so full of swagger. And I think he would make a very fine bear. Yeah, I know a wolverine (the animal) is not even a bear. It is actually a weasel. But since Wolverine is a human cartoon character and not an animal, he is absolutely a bear guy.

But what exactly is a bear? A bear is a big, hairy man. I am attracted to men with facial and body hair and muscles, so you can say I am really into bears. I think body facial hair is sexy. We have all seen Wolverine’s sexy sideburns and stubble. And we all have seen him bare his chest. I think it is fair enough to say that he is really hot. Just looking at him makes me want to be part of the X-Men. It just sucks that he is surrounded by women. There’s Jean Grey and Storm. And that bitch Rogue is there, too!

But you want to know what I think would be super hot? It would be really awesome if Wolverine is gay! I am not kidding. After all, he is a cartoon character. And I know that you know that nothing is impossible in cartoons. Well, at least in gay cartoon porn.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see Wolvie, in all his naked glory? I can actually picture all the sexy hair in all the right places. I can imagine how it would feel like to cuddle next to him in bed. I would love to be wrapped around in his big, hairy arms in a big bear embrace. Maybe we could arm wrestle, too. And he would probably let me win because there is just no way that I am ever going to beat him.

I also think that Wolverine is hung. He just has to be. Now I am having really sexy thoughts in my head. I can imagine him comparing size with other X-Men hunks like Cyclops and Gambit. And I can just picture them having wild, uninhibited sex outdoors. Now that would be a perfect gay threesome, with Wolverine leading the pack.

Oh, well. I can dream, right? You would probably say that I can always fantasize about Hugh Jackman. My answer to you is, will Hugh Jackman ever do porn? And gay porn at that? No one knows for sure. But one thing is certain, Wolverine the cartoon most definitely will.